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CAn i eat raw cookie dough?

Our cookie dough is for baking only. We know it’s tempting to eat raw cookie dough and that it probably brings back memories of eating cookie dough out of the mixing bowl as a kid. Even though we source only the highest quality ingredients, raw cookie dough carries the risk of salmonella and E. coli. Bake Home Dough instead and enjoy the warm, ooey gooey goodness.

Why Chilled Cookie Dó?

Our Cookie Dó Rolls are made with 100% Irish Butter so it’s important to keep the Dó chilled.

How does my Cookie Dó Roll stay chilled?

We package our cookie dough into insulated boxes and use freezer packs to keep it chilled. Even if the freezer pack has thawed your Cookie Dó Roll will be perfectly good to slice and bake!

We do recommend that you pop your Dó straight into your fridge once delivered to stay chilled.

What do I do with the freezer packs?

Follow the instructions on the side of the freezer packs to dispose of them correctly.

Cookie Dó was founded in December 2021 but is backed by generations of bakers, chefs and food service operators. Over the years we have successfully owned and operated various businesses on all sides of the industry. Cafés, food trucks, small and large scale production.

Our current product range is a culmination of all of these experiences. Using innovative packaging techniques Cookie Dó produces a range of ready-to-bake products for retail and food service. We produce everything in-house at our purpose-built facility in Dublin.

How much does it cost to ship?

Keeping your Dó chilled ensures you can bake perfect cookies as soon as your order arrives.

We ship in sustainable insulated packaging with freezer packs. Shipping is €6 per order and shipping is free when your order total is €30 or more!

How long will it take to receive my order?

We try to make and ship everyone’s “Made By You” Dó as quickly as possible. We ship using Next Day Delivery in sustainable insulated packaging, but depending on when you place your order it may take 1-3 days for you to receive your Cookie Dó Roll.

We currently only ship within the Republic of Ireland.

Should you have any queries about your order please get in touch info@cookiedo.ie

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